Meet the Family


John & Jacqui



Our youngest daughter is still in high school. She is busier than most kids, but manages to juggle grades, FCA, FFA, cheer captain, and barn boss. 


Kassi & Josh

Our oldest daughter & her husband recently moved closer to the ranch so they're around to help from time to time. Kassi is always happy to love on a new calf, and Josh is our tail bleed expert. Check in with us in late July....we’re expecting a little firecracker, Jaxtyn Jacob 💙


Kolton & Macy

These two used to be our biggest help, but they grew up and moved away...and had a BABY! They're a couple of hours away now, but we still see them pretty regularly. We miss their company, and their help, but they are doing great!



Our little chunky mister. We couldn't be more proud of him and his parents! He will be walking and talking before we know it. And we're waiting for him to turn THREE so we can hand him a lead and teach him to break & show calves!